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Back To The Future by Dr. James E. Moylan

Posted on July 19, 2011 at 9:06 AM

The period of rapid development during pregnancy coupled with hormonal changes, laxity of connective ligaments and shifting of weight bearing structures may cause women to experience low back pain-radiating symptoms through the legs, generalized fatigue and postural changes.

The American Pregnancy Association points out that chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy. And that a misaligned pelvis can make development and delivery of the baby difficult.

Pregnancy causes several physiological and endocrinological changes each trimester. Misaligned vertebrae are very common because the body is adapting and changing to accomodate for the protruding abdomen and change in the position of the pelvis. These stresses are magnified if the expectant mother had an underlying condition of disc injury or a degenerative condition.

Expectant mothers can reduce much of the discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy by getting an adjustment and reducing increasing posture problems.

Through the prescribed therapeutic exercises, adjustments provided and the soft tissue work that includes a combination of massage, soft tissue mobilization and trigger point therapy, you can also reduce overall stress (physical and emotional).

To lessen fatigue and spinal stress, engage in gentle self massage techniques, proper positioning when seated, and adjusting pillows to support your tummy and back while sleeping.

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can also assist in a speedier, more effective recovery after delivery. By maintaining a balanced musculoskeletal system, the body is more attuned to returning to a pre-pregnancy state.

As the pregnancy develops, your activity and energy naturally reduce. But Chiropractic care and prescribed daily stretches, while sitting or lying down, help maintain energy, blood and nerve flow. This helps to reduce compensatory changes and bad postural habits. Your comfort and positive energy is directly felt by your baby, so focus on anything that assists in that direction.

Many Doctors of Chiropractic have specially designed tables that accommodate pregnant patients, allowing gentle, comfortable treatment. Discuss the changes and symptoms you are experiencing with your Chiropractor who can provide you with treatment and home/self care suggestions so you may fully enjoy the beautiful miracle of your developing child.

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