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The Back Nine

Posted on June 22, 2011 at 9:59 AM

Here are a few suggestions to make your game a little more comfortable:

1. Before your game, do some basic stretches. Stretch out the hamstring and groin area. Perform neck stretches. Stiff neck muscles inhibit the rest of the body from turning freely.

2. Put a club across your shoulders and lean left and right 5 to 10 times. Hold for 5 seconds.

3. Hold a club behind your back and raise it upward, stretching your shoulder muscles. Repeat 10 times for 5 seconds each.

4. Hold and swing a club backwards. If you normally swing right-handed, hold the club like you'd swing it left handed and take 10 practice swings. That way you'll be stretching different muscles to help you loosen up considerably.

5. Orthotic Stabilizers: Wearing these custom made shoe inserts support the arch, absorb shock and increase coordination, all of which translate into a smoother swing and reduced fatigue. These Orthotic Stabilizers are available through most Chiropractic offices.

6. Golfers Elbow (medial epicondylitis) is a painful condition in which a bone in your arm becomes sore and tender. Chiropractors can adjust the over-rotated bone and ease the symptoms.

7. Take a "drop". One bad swing, striking a root or a rock with our club, can damage your wrist. If unsure whether you can get a clean swing, take the drop.

8. Anything that helps with flexibility eventually helps with your game. As you get older, your swing naturally shortens since the muscles aren't as supple. Flexibility is very important for older golphers.

9. You have to have good balance if you want to hit the ball consistently. A healthy spine is paramount to proper balance and posture. Improve your balance and you'll improve your consistency.

Chiropractic cares fpr ypir pverall body structure and alignment, not just your back. So, if you are feeling out of sync, chiropractic may be just the adjustment your body-and your game needs.

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