Moylan Chiropractic Center

About Dr. Moylan


President & Lead Chiropractor of Moylan Chiropractic Center  

Credentialing Board: Keystone Mercy Health Plan 2001-Present

District Director: PA Chiropractic Association 1997-2000

President: Chiropractic Alliance of South Philadelphia 1994-1998

President: PA Chiropractic Society-District 2-1995-1997

Chairman of the Board: PA Chiropractic Society-District 2 1993-1995

Alternate Director: PA Chiropractic-State Board of Directors-1993-1997

C.O.C.S.A. (Congress of Chiropractic State Association) PA State Representative 1993-1996

Chairman: Committee for Patient Regroupment-PA Chiropractic Society-1995-1996

Chairman: P.A.C.-PA Chiropractic Society District 2 1993-1997

Director of Hospital Relations-PA Chiropractic Society District 1993-1995

Secretary: PA Chiropractic Society District 2 1992

Ways amd means Commitee: PA Chiropractic Society State Board 1995

New Memeber Director: ACA-PA 1996  

Medical Director: E.O.M Athletic Association 1996-2001

Team Doctor: Saint John Neumann High School 1991-1999

Consultant: Temple University Sports Medicine 1991-1996

Associate: Mormello Chiropractic 1987-1991

Specialty Certification:

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (I, II & III)

Scoliosis Evaluation & Treatment

American Medical Association: Impairment Rating

Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Hospital Protocol & Operating Room Procedure

Independent Medical Eaxmination

Board Eligible: Chiropractic Orthopedics



1983-1986: Palmer College of Chiropractic-Doctor of Chiropractic

1980-1983: Delaware County College: Biology/Chemistry


1985-1986: Palmer Public Clinics

Davenport, IA & Rock Island, IL

Post Graduate Education:

Logan College of Chiropractic:

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, AMA Guide to Permanent Impairment Rating, Disorders of Musculoskeletal System, Bone Disease-Axial Skeleton, Bone Disease-Cranium & Upper Extremities, Bone Disease-Pelvis & Lower Extremities, Casting of Fractures, Rigid Immobilization & Fracture Care, Rheumatology, Motion Palpation, Orthopedic Evaluation & Treatment of Shoulder-Arm-Elbow Syndrome, Thoracic & Thoraco-Costal Injuries & Complications, Foot-Ankle-Leg Biomechanics-Trauma & Differential Diagnosis, The Knee & Thigh Biomechanics & Gait Cycle with Lower Extremity Osteochondrosis, Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Injuries, Functional Neuroanatomy/Pathophysiology of Pain, Cox Flexion Distraction, Physical Exam-Peripheral Vascular Exam, Laboratory Evaluation-Procedures-Studies-Values, Lumbar Degenerative Disease, & Osteoporosis of Adult Spine.

Parker College of Chiropractic:

Physiological Therapeutics, Independent Medical Examination, Scoliosis Examination & Treatment.

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic:

Whiplash & TMJ

Northwestern College of Chiropractic:

The Cervical Subluxation Complex

University of Bridgeport:

Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Hospital Protocol & Operating Room Procedure, Agency of Health care Policy & Research.  


  • "I suffered an injury last fall after moving boxes in my classroom. i thought it was just a muscle strain but the pain became more severe and it became very difficult to move my..."
    Joe Falcione
    Teacher's Choice

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